Laboratory Members
Post Name Email Address Room Extension Number
Professor Sakurai Kouichi

Secretary Yamamoto Kayo

Cooperating Faculties
Post Name Email Address
Assistant Professor Feng Yaokai

Professor Koide Hiroshi

Associate Professor Kaneko Kosuke

Assistant Professor GU Yujie

Doctoral Course Students
Grade Name Mail Self Introduction Research Interests Presentations
D2 Zhang Haibo

D1 Ishak Meraouche

Master Course Students
Grade Name Mail Self Introduction Research Interests Presentations
M2 Cao Shilei

I am CAO SHILEI from China, Now I am a M2 student at the department of Informatics in Kyushu University, Japan.

Image Process, Image Inpainting, Generative Adversarial Network(GAN), deep learning.

Cao, S. Vargas, D. Sakurai, K. (2020). Generative Face Completion via edge learning and semantic attention. 2020 "Hinokuni - Land of Fire" Information Processing Symposium

Deng Zhuowei

From China, now Master 2 in ISEE of Kyushu University, interested in reading and traveling

Blockchain application, Researching in Blockchain applied for Virtual Power Plant

Hinokunijouhou Symposium 2020, Title「Proposal of Privacy Protection of Electricity Transactions Information on Blockchain

Hara Daiji

I am DAIJI HARA from Fukuoka prefecture. Now I am a M2 student at the department of Informatics in Kyushu University, Japan.

Reserch Direction: Authentication, Adaptive Authentication; Reserch Topic: Development of an Adaptive Authentication System Effective in Special Environments

"2020火の国シンポジウム(2020 Hinokuni - Land of Fire Information Processing Symposium)" Hara D., Sakurai K. (2020) "Current Status and Issues Related to Vulnerabilities of Two-Factor Authentication", 2020 Hinokuni - Land of Fire" Information Processing Symposium.

Ke Yan

I'm a student from China. I like sea and sweets

I'm doing research about blockchain.

Simulation System of Autonomous Vehicles for Overtaking Service Using Smart Contract (CISIS-2020)

Yan Yihui

I am from Shenyang, China. Undergraduate at Dalian University of Technology, I came to Kyushu University as a graduate student in September 2018. I like swimming, photography and hot pot. Thank you!

Communication detection of C&C server MIRAI and most malicious software attacks have a C&C (command and control) mechanism. There are many useful ways to detect botnets, but most are based on specific attack behavior. On the other hand, few studies have focused on new types of malicious attack detection systems and C&C traffic detection methods. In my research, I discuss technical flaws by analyzing the botnet C&C structure, protocols and communication concealment methods, and propose an anomaly detection system based on communication between C&C.

2020"Hinokuni-Land of Fire" Information Processing Symposium.

Li Heming

Come from Liaoning province, China. Interests: Basketball, Game.

Research interest: IoT/Deep Learning; Researching in IoT/Deep Learning.

Presentation: Hinokunijouhou Symposium.

Lyu Fupei

Hello, my name is lyu fupei, I am from Chengdu, Sichuan, and I graduated from the University of Electronic Science and Technology. My hobbies are playing computer games with friends and playing electronic piano.

I am interested in computer network protocols and front-end development. The current research content is SDN security.


Wang Tao

Bachelor degree from Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications,China. Personal interests are photography and sports. Good at Java programming language.




New member.

Malware attack detection


Zeng Siqi

​My name is Zeng Siqi. I’m first year master student in Graduate School and Faculty of Information Science and Electrical Engineering of Kyushu University. My favorite food is BBQ.

Internet of Things security, Cryptography


Han Zaiqun

​My name is Han Zikun, M1 Studebt at Sakurai Lab. My interests are film and comic. Thank you.

Cyber security, Machine learning with encryption.


Mariama Mbow




Former Members
Post Name Special
Assistant Professor Danilo V. Vargas
Associate Professor Sabyasachi Dutta Postdoctoral associate at University of Calgary, Canada
Visitting Researcher Yan Naung Soe
Visitting Researcher Jian Weng Dean at College of Information Science and Technology Jinan University
Visitting Researcher Mojtaba Alizadeh
Assistant Professor Xavier Dahan Now Special Duty Associate Professor at Ochanomizu University
Visitting Researcher Zhao Yunlei
Associate Professor Yoshiaki Hori Now Professor at Saga university
Assistant Professor Takashi Nishide Now Associate Professor at RISK laboratory, Tsukuba university
Assistant Professor Junpei Kawamoto
Assistant Professor Samiran Bag
Cooperating Researcher Hiroki Anada Now Associate Professor at University of Nagasaki
Assistant Professor Partha Sarathi Roy